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Radio Stations Receivable in Bondi Beach and Surrounds, New South Wales, Australia

Whether you’re driving around Bondi Beach or lounging at home, there is no shortage of radio stations to tune into. From community to commercial, each station offers a unique listening experience. Here are the radio stations that can be picked up in Bondi Beach:

Community Radio Stations

  • 2SER FM – 107.3 FM
  • FBi Radio – 94.5 FM
  • Eastside Radio – 89.7 FM

Community radio stations offer a diverse range of programs that cater to niche audiences. 2SER FM from the University of Technology in Sydney, for example, has a focus on news and current affairs. FBi Radio, on the other hand, plays indie music and supports local artists. Eastside Radio has a mix of music genres, as well as shows that talk about social and cultural issues.

Commercial Radio Stations

  • Triple M – 104.9 FM
  • Nova 96.9 – 96.9 FM
  • KIIS 106.5 – 106.5 FM
  • 2DayFM – 104.1 FM
  • Smooth FM – 95.3 FM

Commercial radio stations are more popular and offer a wider range of programming. Triple M is a rock-based station that plays classics as well as new releases. Nova 96.9 is a top 40 station that plays the latest hits. KIIS 106.5 is similar but with more talk and less music. 2DayFM plays music as well as fun talk shows with celebrity hosts. Smooth FM is a popular choice for easy listening music.


Bondi Beach and the surrounding suburbs offer a plethora of radio stations to cater to different tastes. Whether you’re interested in current affairs, local indie artists or top 40 hits, there’s a station for you. By tuning in, you can keep up with the latest news, discover new music or just have some fun with celebrity hosts.

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